Money Back Guarantee

I want you falling in love with your Alisha jewel. That’s my first priority

If your purchase doesn’t meet the expectations, you’ll have back the total amount of your order.

Here’s how

Step One:
Send an email to within 28 days you receive your order including :

Transaction number
Product code you want to replace or you want a refund for

You will return the item within 28 days from the reception (otherwise I will not be able to provide the return).

NOTE: 100% Money Back Guarantee includes all Jewelry, except Custom Projects.

Step Two:

→ Pack the jewel to return, making sure to use the same box you received it.
Those boxes must not be damaged.
→ The return shipping will be at your expenses. You can choose how to ship the jewel.
→ I can also book a UPS withdrawal for you.
→ The amount of shipping will be deducted from the refund amount.
Spiritualuniverse©’s store is not responsible for any issue or delivery failure of return shipment.

Step Three:

Alisha’s Store will verify the integrity of shipping in order to arrange the refund.
I’m not able to provide a refund if the goods are damaged, or not perfectly intact, box included.
The jewel must not have been worn.

Step Fourth:

You can choose two refund:
♦  Size change:
– You can ask for the change only for a different size of the same item.
– You will be updated on delivery date as soon as possible.
Money Transfer:
– Refunds will be processed as soon as returned items have been checked and accepted by
– Any differences in the amount refunded are due to exchange rate fluctuations and will not be reimbursed.
– Returns must be shipped within 28 days from the day of delivery.


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