“How beautiful are these rings? 
I’m soooo in love with the designs of SpiritualUniverse. 
The pieces are so pretty and organic, like some of Nature’s most delicate moments; like morning dew.I can look forever at the tiny dainty morning drops on leaves.

It’s such a pure form of beauty.”


Chantal, Founder at COCOROSA, New York City – USA




“I love so much ALL the eco-conscious jewelry that SpiritualUniverse

You can feel the love and positive vibes in every single piece. They are all unique pieces.

Everything she creates is high quality. It tells a story for you to discover once you wear its magical jewelry.

I adore her work. And she a such a beautiful person that you can feel her truth embedded in her creative work.”


Celyn Lila Burdin,Visual Artist, Desire Map & Fire Starter Facilitator & Creative lamplighter
Nice – France

“My precious!! I absolutly love this amazing peace of jewlery! It has so much charm and story to tell <3”

Henriette Marvig, Vanløse – Denmark


“SpiritualUniverse’s jewels are inspired by Nature,
their organic beauty and the magic allure are amazing.

Each piece is totally handmade and unreplicable, their preciousness is made by teeny details.

Be inspired.”

Maria Martino, Owner at La Mia Casa nel Vento, Naples – Italy

“I’m super excited as my pendants arrived today and I just collected them from my local post office. I cannot thank you enough, I think they are just beautiful. I think the ladies are going to Love them. 


I have also had our local printer print me up some copies of the Guide to Rise to go along with them. 

I’m feeling super BLESSED to have accidentally stumbled upon you and your beautiful gift. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


Aliesha Bray, Bogan Gate – Australia

Words fail me…. my ring!!!!!!! OOOHHH she is SOOOO beautiful…… I just cried when I saw her!!!  She pierced my heart!!!! She is magnificent! Your artistry–perfection!!!!! I am in love….completely in love!!!!! THANK YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART!!!!!  I have her on my finger!!!!! Perfect fit!!!!!  !!!!!! My goodness the love and energy of your work is so powerful and healing……sigh…… I feel SO BLESSED! This I will cherish and treasure my whole life! It expanded my aura and light the moment I put it on my finger!  I just must say I am absolutely in love with your work!!!!! She is SO alive; we are already becoming one….. your love and energy just flooded my heart when I read your note, and THEN when I opened the box, and laid eyes on her! It felt like she was always mine!!!! Yes,yes, YES!!!!!!! I am hooked! 💗💜💞💕🙏🏻✨😊  By far my favorite  crystal jewel EVER!!!!!! SO special. I know you poured your heart and soul into this for me.I can feel it so strong!!!!  I needed this so much at this time in my life…..the timing was divine!!!!! Light and love and my deepest gratitude, Desiree xxoo



Desiree Bergeron, Montgomery center – US

“Beautiful necklace and seller was brilliant – great communication and excellent service. Would definitely recommend”
Carolyn Warne, Netherdale – UK
“I’ve been a fan of SpirituaUniverse’s work for quite sometime and I was so happy to be able to get one of her pieces!Even her packaging is so cute and personal!…. gotta love the Italians!!.. And getting a package form Italy always makes me happy!..
Joanne G., Founder of A Thousand Facets – New York – US




“SpiritualUniverse is the magic place for who wants to grow their little soul, for those who are still amazed and thrilled in the wonders of Nature.

…Alice can looking for the White Rubbit again..”


Teresa Ammendola, Naples, Italy


“Just open this really special envelope who cames from SpiritualUniverse today, found a lovely handwriting card with flower petals… and two real special little treasure…
I recently discover the wonderfull SpirituaUniverse creations.
Met a lovely artist, with her unique universe, she takes time to listen and understand my wishes…We talk a lot about art, soul, stones, sensibility, nature, energy, creativity …. she creates something really special for me…. this ring got a story…. she realizes a really particular request…i was really touch by that. 
Love so much my aquamarine ring, inspired by nature. 
Feel so special and grateful to wear this unique piece of jewelry …… and I fall in love with another ring, with this stunning color which reminds me my favorite flower the violette…
Thanks so much SpirituaUniverse , for your work, your passion, your design and your positive soul.”

Marine, founder of Encres Marine,
Seignosse – France






“SpirituaUniverse jewelry gets my heart for the unique and refined teste. They’re never boring or “constructed”. Each piece of jewel shows the passion and dedication that SpirituaUniverse gives to each piece.

Great workmanship and great design, extremely feminine.”


Felicia Iarocci, Rome – Italy

“Love this ring, it is one of a kind, classy, simply beautiful.Receiving many compliments already! Thank you SpiritualUniverse!”
Mona Shahgholi, Pasadena – US
“It’s finally here! One of the SpiritualUniverse creatures is mine. I can’t wait to add more pieces to my collection! “
Evelyn Wongso, Milano – Italy
Sales Manager
“Her unmistakable style is ever in evolving and each time recognizable…unique jewels!”
Gaia Cecconi, Milano, Italy





“SpirituaUniverse jewelry are gorgeous!
SpirituaUniverse chooses beautiful stones and has an in-depth knowledge of every of them!
I strongly recommend them not only for design but also for those who needs something extra, that only the positive vibes of Crystals can give! “


Maristella Colombo, Owner at Ebook4Fashion, Milan – Italy


“SpirituaUniverse creatures spring from a pure and bright heart . They tell about a journey made of experimentation, enthusiasm, determination… and love for quality and uniqueness.
It’s an ever-evolving path, each time different, just like all of us life is.
Browse the images and just follow your heart, it will choose the right your jewel for you”

Roberta Gandini, Milano – Italy

“It’s when a jewel becomes the projection of an idea…when handicraft turns to poetry.”
Roberta Didoni,Milan – Italy
Crystals Expert
I bought some jewelry on SpirituaUniverse website! Thanks SpirituaUniverse, you’re amazing, I love them! thank you!
Silvia Pavarini, Reggio Emilia – Italy

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