I’m Claudia P. North, spiritual jewelry artist and Chief Visionary Officer at SpiritualUniverse Store.

“I believe that everything you want or need to live a fulfilling, loving and happy life is in you. You just need to set it free, show it to yourself and to the Universe. Natural Crystals and I can help you!”

“My mission is to enhance authentic beauty and overall well-being.
Everything I create is made to protect and raise your vibration because it’s infused with good energy.
I made jewelry that helps you to set your UNIQUE GIFTS FREE, stay focus on your purpose, generate the deepest gratitude and supports you to trust your authentic path.”

My Core Values

Living creatures Authenticity Positive vibes Invaluable network
I believe in the sensitive soul of all things, especially in this age full of noise and “soulless products”.
Every SpiritualUniverse creature is handmade with attentive, extreme care and physical energy, declaring deep uniqueness and highest quality.
No piece of jewelry could ever replace the more valuable treasure that you already have: your sincere smile, which you can generate at any given moment of your day. I believe that excellent art and handicraft are able to generate a huge and tangible positive value. It’s sort of like magic. Spreading these magic values worldwide, boosting the positive wave is my duty. I work only with the best and kindest experts in the jewelry field.
Over the years, these experts have established the standard of excellence in the jewelry manufacturing field.
“SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE” is by their side every day.

A little background

“Organic creatures and natural patterns have always called out to me to create and experiment with new techniques and investigate different manufacturing procedures in the jewelry field.

For the past nine years, I have worked with organic materials, creating unique jewelry pieces for private customers and Art Galleries, catching the eye of magazines such as Vogue, VJ Magazine and many other talent scouts. I’m also honored to exhibit in many Cities around the world such as London, Taipei, Florence, and Milan.

My point of view changed when I discovered the lost wax technique and a special bronze alloy.

In the meantime, the conception of jewelry itself grew inside of me; it was like an inner revolution.
Being a yoga apprentice I know that everything’s evolving, so I realized that it was time for the biggest change in my business life.

I decided to revolutionize the whole production process by focusing on a new brand with a huge sense of uniqueness, touching the heart of a wider group of very special women.

Today my brand is the bridge between the Universe of Nature and the Planet that is the body/mind of a Woman. This is Spiritual Universe Jewellery.

I’m grateful to be able to work with several Boutiques and Stores around the world, which I adore, and for the most lovely private customers ever.


Thank you for joining me: I’ll work hard to touch your heart a bit more every day.”

Just breath and listen, your positive energy jewel is here!


Now, let your heart choose among the many shapes of Love in this Store.

How to shop at SpiritualUniverse Jewelry Online Store

If you’re thinking about one of your best
friends or someone very close to your
heart, here’s how to get the best from
your shopping:

make sure to connect your energy with him/her while you’re exploring.

By doing this, you can be sure that the perfect gift is going to find you in a few minutes!

STEP THREE (if needed)
If you need support or want to share special notes don’t hesitate, send your message to contact@spiritualuniverse.net. I’ll be glad to contact you in 24 business hours with love.

Stay unique and let your
shine free because you’re
born to be the brave
Warrior of Love.

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